We are excited to have Trudie Plunket as our guest speaker for Ladies Day on March 12.  Trudie became a published author when College Press published "Jesus: A Man For All Time" and her "Pictoral Bible Timeline" in 1995.  As a young child growing up in a preacher's home, she learned to think in Scriptures and realized that Jesus is the ONLY way to know the One True God.  Then the Department of Defense hired her as the Language Arts Coordinator in the Mediterranean Region to coach all the children of the world to become diplomatic writers.  This position set her up to teach writing and journalism in the Middle East for 10 years.  It was during this time that she taught Palestinian, Shia, and Sunni students in the same classroom.  Now she wonders "If they can learn together, why can't they live peacefully together AFTER graduation?"  After teaching for 41 years, Trudie retired in 2012 to Florence, AL to write about her experiences.