Back to Church Sunday:  October 22nd


A Place to Belong...

When you hear the word "Church", a lot of different things might come to mind.  For some, church brings back memories of being a kid and learning about characters from the Bible - David and Goliath, Moses, Noah and the Ark.  Others may have a bad taste in their mouth from a bad experience they've had in the past with a church.  And still, others look to the church as a family- a place to connect with God and others.  On October 22nd, Maricamp Road Church of Christ wants to invite you to join our church family to worship, be encouraged, meet new people, and find a place to belong.  We've got a great Sunday morning in store for you and your family and friends.  Service starts at 10:30am in the Auditorium.  Our theme is centered around "Belonging".  After worship, we've planned a church-wide luncheon in the Fellowship Hall and you're invited!  It's going to be a great Sunday- one that we hope serves as a springboard for spiritual growth, connection, and encouragement.  So whether you haven't attended a church in a while, or you're looking for a church to call home, we hope you'll join us!


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