Sunday Morning Classes


Love First                                                       Teacher:   Jeff Robison
All Adults                                                        Location:  Fellowship Hall

Jesus calls us to love God and love others.  In this class, we will be using Don McLaughlin's book and DVD "Love First: Ending Hate Before It's Too Late" to guide our discussion.  Here's the description from the book:  Love First offers a clear-eyed assessment of the current love/hate crisis and a practical, doable strategy for how Christians can begin to truly love, especially those who do not love us in return. With wit, humor, and hard-hitting questions, McLaughlin will surprise, inspire, convict, and challenge you with God's call to love as we have been loved.



Senior Adults Bible Class                            Teacher:   Don Carswell
Senior Adults                                                  Location:  Auditorium Library

Meet in the Auditorium Classroom for a time of study in God's Word.       


Wednesday Night Classes


The Story                                    Teacher:   Wayne Colyer
All Adults                                     Location:  Fellowship Hall

On Wednesday nights, we will be studying together using "The Story" - one continuing story of God and His people.  Click here to find out more.